Bible Now

Bible Now is an immersive experience at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC., in which visitors can explore the impact of the Bible in the modern day, as well as express themselves in the local space. Visitors are invited to create personal digital sketches—a handwritten word, a designed visual medallion, or a selected favorite verse or term—at each of the three kiosks. When they finish, they submit their work to the exhibit, and it gracefully appears on one of the 360° enveloping walls, situating itself with others’ creations, and exhilarating visitors with its scale. The walls also alternatively show scenes of Jerusalem, and current social media posts relating to the Bible.

The project includes 10 distinct applications, running on three separate kiosks and three panoramic walls.

Client: Museum of the Bible, working with C&G Partners
Project website
Role: Developer
Selected technologies: C++, Cinder, OpenGL, Websockets, Watchout