Magic Room

An immersive sales tool for luxury real estate, the Magic Room is an interactive experience that surrounds potential buyers with beautiful and informative images about available residences, giving salespeople the tools to provide stunning visual impact. Not only does the table respond to touch, but it uses computer vision to recognize fiducial markers, giving the salespeople the ability to magically create a dial interface anywhere on the table. Images can be dramatically swooped from the table onto one of the multi-monitor walls to provide an immersive visual environment. There is also a connection to the imposing model of the building in the next room: Salespeople can select cards corresponding to specific residences and take those cards into the Magic Room. When placed on the table, the cards instantly bring up the residence’s floorplans, and places the views from that residence on the surrounding walls. Finally, salespeople can log onto the system using their individual NFC card, and can save the potential buyer’s favorite items to a database, which connects with a tool to assist them in followup communications.

Client: Palazzo Della Luna
Project website
Role: Developer
Selected Technologies: C++, Cinder, OpenGL, Multi-Touch

Showcasing the island using fiducial markers on the table
Computer vision allows the Magic Table to recognize physical markers placed on its surface.